martes, 18 de enero de 2011

LA MOLINA SNOWBOARD WORLD CUP 2011.... First impressions :)

After many crazy driving experiences on the road to La Molina, we finally got to meet each other and get started to prepare our week here.

Monday, 6h00 am: the alarm bell gets on and we start to play Tetris to fill the car. Once the car is filled and we get to the top of the village (we were the first and almost the only to get there) where the comp is suposed to be, we realise the shocking state of the mountain. Now we know, no matter how hot it is, and how much snow there is, a world snowboard cup can be organized anywhere!

Our stand was build under a faboulous blue sky and a strong spring sun. The day was pretty intense even though there was slightly nobody.

10h00pm: After dinner, a burp contest and realising how amazing are the chinese athlets (they train all the time), and even though we are feeling tired, we decide to go for a drink at the bowling. A group of spanish militars and a few foreign athlets had the same idea. It was probably the funniest time of day, especially when the Waka Waka started to sound ;) You don't need to know the rest.

Tuesday, 8h00 am: same shit than the previous day but with the visit of Niva. We look at the country sight, it looks just like if we were in a festival in the desert of Los Monegros.

9h00 pm: Albert is cooking for us while we are preparing a massive plate of french fries, miaaammm. We decide to give a 2nd chance to our party hopes.

Next days there will be pipe and slope style. We are looking forward to see creativity and some real good snowboarding :).

Ema is allright :) Protect Your Smile......

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