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After the world wide success with BLUE BALLS, we’re proud to present our second film for the season! LOW KEY features our favorite riders and lots of exclusive 2012 footage. The full film LOW KEY will - thanks to our presenter Burn and other associates, is now available for free stream and download – our x-mas gift to you!

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domingo, 9 de diciembre de 2012

Erik Johansson season edit :)

Eric came by and asked me to edit a recap from his 11/12 season tonight. I'm honored I got to edit this footage. But the cred should go to Christer Andersson, Kuske and Martin Hjalmarsson who filmed most of it! If I have to explain Erics riding with help of three animal I would choose: a sparrow, a bear and a shark! The bear because it has so much power but still it's calm and often very kind!  The sparrow because it is probably one of the few birds that can sing a melody worthy to the style of Eric!  And the shark..... well that is pretty obvious.... It is the master of its element!
Eric had some of these shots in "Random bastards - Blue balls"

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martes, 27 de noviembre de 2012


Winter is here!!!
Choose your neckwarmer and protect your smile!!!
Super limited edition neckwarmers, 
handmade in Barcelona.
The Verdug is only available in black and it's made using Thermolite. The Nonus, the Bandana and the Scarf are made using a really smooth and cozy fleece. The Muka is a multifunctional neckwarmer, lighter and fun.
More info and orders:

jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2012

Isy Szumovski and her girls in SnowPark NZ

SnowparkNZ '12 family 

We borrowed a gopro (thanks chris) and got some shots from the last week of the season down in Snowpark NZ. too much fun. family crew Isy, Orla, Rio, Ldog, Christy, Silvia, Kate.

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012


 Jocke Rasmussen, photo by

Jocke Rasmussen, Kire Karlsson, Eric Johansson, Clemens Schattschneider and Wojtek Pawlusiak. Thanks for supporting and spreading Ema around the World!

jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Rail Jammin' Gallery at Method Mag by Dasha Nosova

Check out MethodMag's Rail Jammin' Gallery by Dasha Nosova

"Here at Method we are big fans of rail jams. There is nothing like a public display of radical maneuvers and human sacrifice to kick off the season. The past two weekends just saw what might be the two best rail jams ever to go down in Europe. The (by now) classic and industry standard Frontline Rail Jam just put on its 8th annual jam in Stockholm, and the Protest Rock A Rail with its jaw-dropping setup in The Hague just had their second round. "Fast Fingers" Dasha Nosova was at both events to snap up some sharp flicks to help us look back at how fuckin' rad the kids that throw down at these death-defying, most excellent displays of skill and testicular fortitude really are! We're jammin', we're jammin'... And we hope you like jammin' too!"

lunes, 15 de octubre de 2012

martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Swoboda : Wagner : Schattschneider



: Loveolution 4 : 

Check out the teaser of the new Teammovie from the austrian label LOVE with Marc Swoboda, Dominik Wagner and Clemens Schattschneider. Thanks for your support guys!!!

martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

Erik Leon & Method Mag

Erik Leon, from California, with a big happy smile is the latest addition to our family. Look out for Erik's Fresh Meat in the next issue of Method Mag, dropping real soon!

miércoles, 19 de septiembre de 2012

Denis Leontyev at Windells 2012

Thanks denis and Dasha for your smiles, love and support :) 
Denis Leontyev A.K.A. Bonus is back on his board! Here is his first week of riding Windells and Timberline parks after ACL surgery. Thank you to everyone who supported Denis and Tim Windell  for helping us out again!

jueves, 13 de septiembre de 2012

High-Five Production with Ras Nielsen

High-Five Production is a group of five friends whom all speak the same language. the five people are: Simon Houlind, Mikkel V. Jørgensen, Michael Damgaard, Sune Buschmann and Rasmus Nielsen. We’ve known each other for some time now, 
and every time we hook up, it seems that good things happen. 
So we all agreed it was time to make something out of it, and thus the name High-Five Production.
With High-Five Production our goal is to promote the danish snowboard scene, and  our selves. Try to put Denmark on the map of snowboarding and maybe inspire other snowboarders and people. And to show how it is to come from a country with out snow, and still be in a position to live a snowboarders life style.

domingo, 2 de septiembre de 2012

Snow Porn - Euro Rail Revolution Teaser

Denis Leontyev & Wojtek Pawlusiak

There's a new crop of European rail riders coming up and they are ripe for the picking. Check out the teaser for the latest Snow Porn dropping next Wednesday, featuring the likes of Ludwig Lejkner, Neils Schack, Wojtek Pawlusiak, and Denis Leontyev. Just because their names are hard to pronounce doesn't mean these guys don't focus their emphasis on style and skill.

viernes, 24 de agosto de 2012

viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Wojtek Pawlusiak in "Fool's Gold"

A film by Alex Schiller, Tom Elliott and Vincent Urban

Fool's Gold. Definitely some fool's in this little trailer numero 2 for our upcoming movie. Sit back, open a beer and wonder what it's like to spend an entire season with this gang. *Sorry for all the cursing. Our boys obviously have no manners.
Fool's Gold will be available September 2012 at your local boardshop and iTunes worldwide. Boom!

viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Mary Luggen : Mt Hood : the real life episode 3 early ending

Mt Hood: the real life episode 3 early ending
Result: we got kicked out of Highcascade
Problem: We left the Park 5 min to late
Shaper: told us to go back to Europe and never come back
100 %: Hatecascade
Filmed By : Flo Achenrainer , Jesse Augustinus
Edited by: Flo Achenrainer
Riders: Jesse Paul , Jesse Augustinus , Emily Blewitt , Mary Luggen , Flo Achenrainer , Ender Part Joe Brady

martes, 24 de julio de 2012

Denis Leontyev in RED ALERT teaser :)

Ladies and Gentelmens Attention!
WeAre2012 production supported by SKVOT boardshop proudly presents the main Soviet snowboard project.
This year covers not only Russian snow industry but also the world snowboard comunity. Please be welcome RED ALERT!!!!
This project marks as first native movie wich goes the world scene! RED ALERT is a mix of best Russian riders gathered in one Soviet tank which goes thru many countries and cities.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Mt.Hood - High Cascade :)

Happy day shooting at High Cascade for the 'Product of the week' at MethodMag with our riders Scott Norton and Stu Wozniak and the filmer Cam Weeg. Be sure to check it out next week!!!

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jueves, 14 de junio de 2012


Couple of months ago Smile at your sister's girls asked me if I wanted to collaborate in an art project where other artists and athletes were involved writting some words about life, plans and dreams, I felt so happy and I couldn't say no. I'm so proud and happy to be part of this magic project. Thanks Dani&Kitzi!!
Click here to know more about it
Secret Smile no.2

The 2nd edition of the baggie filled with wonders by girls with soul is out! Inspired by vast talented girls arose a mix of music, art and jewellery. Find artworks of featured girls from our blog and follow us on our journeys. All good things are wild and free and self-made in the end. 

Contributing artists & athletes
catherine clark crista leonard daniela bily jovana reisinger julia pott kitzi laura austin maria ferres sarah-lisa rudolf sophie morrawetz  tamara prader vera maria brückner veronika christine dräxler
≈  element eden advocates sarah larnach, courtney brims and kareena zerefos

lunes, 11 de junio de 2012


 Some summer shredding with Wojtek Pawlusiak, Roli Scharmer, Davo Struber, Matic Zavodnik and Flo Galler.

sábado, 9 de junio de 2012


Por segundo año vamos a celebrar el concurso de vídeos de On Fire Video Contest.

Este año los requisitos para el video son los siguientes :
- Puede participar cualquier rider local de España y Andorra.
- Este año solo se podrá hacer de manera individual en cada categoría.
- Todos los vídeos tendrán contenido de snowboard.
- Hay dos categorías : masculina y femenina. Tendremos un premio para el mejor video de las jóvenes promesas , con vídeos en los que entraran los menores de 16 años.
- Los vídeos duraran un máximo de tres minutos y medio, sin contar la intro del concurso. La intro será completamente obligatoria para participar.
- Los vídeos se deberán colgar en una cuenta de vimeo o de youtube, ya que será mas cómodo para todos. Debéis dejar el link de vuestro video en la zona de comentarios, que se encuentra mas abajo con : vuestro nombre, edad, donde sueles hacer snowboard y si tienes algún sponsor.

La entrega de vídeos será hasta el 10 de Julio.
Se juzgarán : estilo, técnica, variedad de trucos e imaginación. También se hará una votación por Facebook.

sábado, 2 de junio de 2012