jueves, 18 de octubre de 2012

Rail Jammin' Gallery at Method Mag by Dasha Nosova

Check out MethodMag's Rail Jammin' Gallery by Dasha Nosova

"Here at Method we are big fans of rail jams. There is nothing like a public display of radical maneuvers and human sacrifice to kick off the season. The past two weekends just saw what might be the two best rail jams ever to go down in Europe. The (by now) classic and industry standard Frontline Rail Jam just put on its 8th annual jam in Stockholm, and the Protest Rock A Rail with its jaw-dropping setup in The Hague just had their second round. "Fast Fingers" Dasha Nosova was at both events to snap up some sharp flicks to help us look back at how fuckin' rad the kids that throw down at these death-defying, most excellent displays of skill and testicular fortitude really are! We're jammin', we're jammin'... And we hope you like jammin' too!"

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