lunes, 31 de enero de 2011

Aina Ministral: art made jewellery :)

Maybe you are wondering why I'm posting this jewellery piece on EMA's blog, well, it's all about ART&SNOWBOARD, let me explain a little bit.... I think that anything you can do with your hands, body and soul is art, any kind of creation you have in your brain it's art when you make it real, art can be made with jewellery, paints, photos, fabrics... I also think that real good snowboarding is art.... When you really see art, deep inside you feel that 'chispa' that makes you feel in love with what you see.... that's amazing, don't you think?
Well, looking at the photo up here, this is a special piece that I ordered, it's part of the working process that Aina Ministral does with her hands, she is a young jewellery artist, she was one of the first supporting EMA and she is one of my best happy riding friends. Aina is just starting her professional carrer and I love her art, here you have her blog where you will see what is she doing, believe me, you need a kind of magic to do this, you need a little genius inside, maybe the cousin of the genius that good snowboard riders have inside :)
Aina, keep fighting and dreaming with your beautiful smile :)

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