domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Life improvised, tastes better :)

That was a perfect improvised weekend in Andorra with Les Aines and Milanchs: fresh snow,  hot weather, beautiful sun, good scandinavian tricks, meeting old friends, making new friends, weird party people and a lot of carcajadas and happy smiles! 
Eh... mucho Rispect-ah!!!
  Les Aines in trouble, sweating the fat drop trying to move trough the  Lilpow engaxifós
Aina I
Aina II
We were missing that feeling
Oh what a day!
We made it to the snowpark to see the Total Fight Finals and we found them....  Ema (L) Milanchs!!!!!!!
Guillem Cruells aka la Castanyera
Borja Merigó aka Monete
Loewe marketing team, do you want us in your new video? 
Weird and hipster enough?
More sexy elbows
Carlos Manich and his new tattoo
 Already told you about the Spanish's warm weather and hot blood.
He looks like our friend Pecus,
we miss you!!!

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