jueves, 2 de febrero de 2012

ISPO 2012

 Back home after a 'visto y no visto' trip around Europe, Spanair (Es-pa-no-ir) and some other things just made me change my plans, so we're not extremly happy right now... sincerely, ISPO days were not the best days of our lifes but we were so happy to meet good friends, they made my days there :)

ISPO made me think too much, made me feel a lil bit dissapointed. I think we are living in a fast, super cool World, people is forgetting about the important values like nature, sport, friendship, beauty, effort and respect. I really wish we could go back to the roots and make this World get again the basic fundamentals, friendship, good vibes, love, spontaneity and freedom. We'll keep fighting with our little spark to be loyal to our soul and philosophy, I know there's also lot of people thinking the same, working hard with respect and positive energy, let's all together spread good vibes out there and show the World what our passion is about.  

Thanks to all the people who believes in EMA, you are our energy, we love you too.
(beautiful photo by Crista Leonard, really funny video by Isenseven) 

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