martes, 15 de febrero de 2011


Last week at ISPO and AIR&STYLE was one of the strangest week ever, a lot of work, a lot of stress but a lot of smiles and funny funny funny moments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Meeting Adi, Marco, Eric, Tom, Basti, Nejc, Dylan, Keegan, John, Forest (and all the Gnarly people) was maybe the best thing, we had really good moments together and I hope we can meet soon again, EMA loves you all!!! I'll be waiting for all of you in Barcelona :)

Thanks for all these moments together, thanks for your smiles :)
Little Tom........ he is a good rider but he is an amazing artist, believe me!!!!
Forest Bailey supporting Gnarly Clothes :)
Keegan Valaika...... always with a sweet smile for us :)
Welcome to our happy family Basti Rittig :)
Dominik Wagner and Wojtek Pawlusiak.
Nejc Ferjan always supporting EMA.... thanks :)
Adi Mani (Method) and Dylan Fait (Gnarly)
Dylan Fait, he has one of the best smiles ever :)
Check Gnarly's web site, EMA LOVES GNARLY!!!!!!!!!!

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